“Equity” as a Denial of Human Diversity

Programs to achieve equality of outcome tacitly deny the uniqueness of every human being. This denial often appears nowadays in the form of spurious moral arguments that our society must achieve “equity”. These arguments amount in practice to justifications for various kinds of unjust and suppressive measures that are necessary to enforce strict uniformity among unfathomably diverse human beings. The people who make these arguments, even those who do not recognize themselves as authoritarians, advocate for top-down authoritarian policies that target certain groups for the express purpose of advantaging other groups. These fighters for equity systematically overlook the crucial irony that their coercive, discriminatory approach to social policy resembles those old discriminatory practices that they claim to be at war against. If institutionalized discrimination is ever to be permanently abolished, we must face a somewhat uncomfortable fact: to accept human uniqueness is to accept unequal outcomes in life, and to reject the latter is to deny the former. People who appreciate the radical diversity of human beings are compelled to become moral individualists and are called on to criticize the spurious moral arguments that assert the need for “equity” in society. In countering equity, though, one should never assume that human diversity justifies all inequalities of outcome in society, for certain inequalities of outcome may indeed result from institutionalized discrimination. One should also never lose sight of the fact that those who fight misguidedly for equity are themselves profoundly unique individuals who are worthy of sincere moral concern.

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