My Blog Must be Full of Errors

If we take seriously the idea of human fallibility, then we must agree that even our best knowledge, about even the simplest of things, might in some senses be false, misleading, or inadequate. We should expect that, at any one time, our picture of objective reality misses far more than it captures, and that what it does capture it may capture in a deceptive or incomplete way. For this reason, truth, to the extent that it can be captured by human knowledge, can be captured only in the elimination of errors, and never in the establishment of absolute truths themselves. So, I presume that none of the theories or arguments posted on my blog ever capture final truths. I presume only that some of them may succeed in criticizing and improving upon existing theories about reality. I expect these criticisms themselves to be full of errors, which will require further criticism to detect and correct. With luck, I may even detect and correct some of these errors myself.

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